Mosha is fascinated by the extent to which electronic music connects people, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, language or religion. He sees music as a means of communication. "Music is the answer.“

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Mosha’s first steps were as a live act with drum machine and synthesizer. Over the years, he and his own studio have evolved.

A label was founded with a friend. There were also cooperations with other artists and labels. Mosha gets used to his own sound and can achieve people!

Sometimes people have a stressful life and then they would like to find the positive energy inside the person.

DJ Mosha On Making Techno Music

Interview: Electro Wow & Story

There is a fast-rising talent in town in the world of electronic music and it goes by the name of DJ Mosha. Following releases on Detroit’s label Di-Techno, the German artist opens up about his work methods when it comes to producing energetic tracks. If you want to learn more about how you can start making Techno music, then you’ll get the right insights from his clever expertise. Head on down and scroll through the interview portion and the story behind it.

First of all, what made you want to start producing Techno? I started as a “live act” with drumcomputer+synthisizer. After I created the first sounds and drums, I also tried to arrange the new sounds so that they can be played by a DJ as a normal track. And after a while, more equipment comes and expands his studio with computer + programs. I think those were my first real steps as a producer.

Hand über rechten Auge
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You were born in Germany and Berlin is considered the capital of Techno. Does your homeland influences you artistically?

This question is not easy. In the music scene (Berlin), many artists also come from other countries. And these shape the image of the techno scene in Berlin/Germany. For me, as a producer, it is important to hear other songs or sounds. For that, you are also a lot in clubs and on events on the road! When I think back, there was the “Loveparade”! And the Loveparade has of course co-determined the music scene in Berlin/Germany! And there you could hear many international DJs and their sounds! Of course, there are various clubs in Berlin where this is also the case.I think just the international situation and the versatility of Berlin have determined my sound!


How does the future look like?

The music goes on and on and on... or music is the answer!
I will continue to produce and develop new material.
I think this is a journey and I will meet many people on the road. Let’s see where it goes!